Fresno Metro Ministry

 Fresno Metro Ministry is part of a team to conduct a county-wide health needs assessment for the Fresno County Department of Public Health.  Pinedale is one of the areas we had recommended to the county for some authentic community feedback.  The purpose of the Community Health Needs Assessment is to better understand the health concerns of the diverse population in Fresno County. 

Wed, July 25, PCA Minutes

Melody Felton::::

  • 130-3pm literacy camp program by the Sabastian foundation Katy’s kid’s foundation
  • All volunteers that spend time with crafts and things to prepare for school tomorrow Thursday and Friday 8 years and older
  • Movies in the park tomorrow night every other Wednesday dr. strange will be playing tomorrow, one of the last two. Snack bar   available August 9th with the next movie…. Moana movie Hawaiian style 730 – 745 it will start set up inside the community center
  • Two more programs adoptive grandparent joing up with the north point center doing crafts and activities with the seniors.. Spending time with a senior every other Friday and Wednesday is when the program 3 to 4 pm they get ride to and from north point center.. Flyers available.
  • Bicycle safety pedestrian program, bring bikes and teach how to ride carefully. Great learning program, safety talk and bike provided July 17,24 augh 7 Mondays   Linda will donate five bikes
  • This Thursday having junior giants program going great last week having a how to identify bulling, how to stand up for that. Coaches have been talking about it and art expression have been drawn, back packs being given away   this Thursday night 6 – 8pm

Captain Burke ::::: addressing bulling, as an adult it is domestic violence. DV is up about 25% from last year, Marjory Mason Center is a valuable resource, and they may help with financial & legal service for families4. Law enforcement getting involved now as well. Report the crime, they need to be accountable. PD has a complete task force to assist.


Robert Jeffers (Councilman Brandau’s office)

Finished the budget for CDBG grant. City will be working on the sidewalks in Pinedale this fiscal year (July 21, 2017 – June 31,2018). Councilman Brandau going through street beautifications as well, please notify his office of any street concerns. Call in the homeless problems to keep them up to date on concerns. They plan on doing more to address the homeless problem.


Linda Amparono school starts Aug 21st Linda starts 8/14/17 @10am, If you need to get a bus pass for Kasner and Clovis West please contact her.

Family of 8 had House fire on 300 block Fir St, it was an electrical fire electrical fire… family is ok, will be moving to Minarets

Michelle new Walmart Manager taking Mike’s place, she just got back from vacation… Linda Amparano is reporting and hasn’t forgotten she is committed to working with the community and hopes to meet with us soon.

Ernestine – St Agnes carnial Sept 23rd from 12 – 9. They will homemade Mexican food , games, police invited, maybe McGriff may come. There will be a farmers market and they are looking for food donations fruit or veggies would be appreciated, can bring day before if like.

Ms Lewis – Reporting for Good Neighbors -Food give away on 7/14 155 signatures, 687 family members, 273 boxes of food with 35 volunteers helping. Produce always available M W F from Walmart doors open about 12:30 on the Beechwood side of the church, they will serve from there. Second Friday of every month the big give away show up around 730

Carolyn Romersa reporting for the Pinedale Boys and Girls Club thanks for the empty containers for starting the seedlings for their garden. Club is closed until the 31st of July. Please bring baby wipes for black board and containers for more seedlings! August 1 from 3 – 6pm they will be having a backyard BBQ, “National Night Out” … it is meant to hang out with your neighbors in your front yards too!

David Rodriguez   had a presentation at community center 15 people, had 3 from Pinedale and rest from other places. So far have booked about 6 -10 new presentations coming for the next year! Thanking the Councilman for assistance with insurance and the City for waiving fees since it was a community project presentation.

Shaver lake presentation went well, They asked him to comeback!

March next year will be 95th anniversary! We need to plan now! Maybe our very own parade for the 100th anniversary.

Beginning of the school year may have an official dedication for the Philip V. Sanchez hall it will be announced.

Sally Gomez wrapping up summer, fall sessions will be starting in two weeks; new calendars will be out. Working to get more programming with the Teen Coloring Lab, .. Read to the dog, volunteer therapy dog comes out @3:30 every Thursday, that will be on going with Children’s crafts as well.

Pinedale Community Center News!

·         LEARNER POOLS – Pools Open Monday, June 12, 2017 thru Sunday, August 13, 2017

Einstein, Fink White, Pinedale, Quigley, Romain

Recreation Swim – 7 Days a week 1 – 5 p.m.

Age 5 – 12 years only

·         The cooling center information is correct and if you would like to use the following link for more information on your webpage you may:

·         The Junior Giants registration has been extended to Saturday June 12th. I have attached a flyer that has more information and for interested parents and players the website to register is at the following link: