The Pinedale Community Association has been meeting for over 40 years working together for the needs of the community.

Discover local events from The Pinedale Boys and Girls Club,  Pinedale Community Center,  Fresno City Parcs,  Pinedale Library and Pinedale’s very own local historian, David Rodriguez  just to name a few.

Meetings are the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm.  
Meetings are held at the:
Paula S. Guzman
Pinedale Community Center
7170 North San Pablo Ave
Pinedale, CA  93650
Serving you:
Lisa Guzman, President
David Rodriguez, Vice President
Lori Garcia, Secretary
Ron Vega, Treasurer 
Rachel Alvarez, Sergeant of Arms
Annette Amparano, Social Media Director
Contact Email: